Mrs. Smith Released As Temple Matron After Long Service

After faithfully serving and laboring in temple work since 1872, Mrs. Edna L. Smith, wife of the late President Joseph F. Smith and president of the women of the Salt Lake Temple, was honorably released from this position at her own request at a meeting held in the temple last Monday.

President Heber J. Grant, President George F. Richards of the temple, Elder George Albert Smith, Elder Richard R. Lyman, Bishop David A. Smith, Alvin Smith, Albert Davis, Elder Snow and many other paid glowing tribute to the work of Mrs. Smith and her long and faithful services. The Temple quartet sang several numbers, as well as solos, and Prof. William C. Clive rendered a violin selection. About 200 were present at the meeting held in her honor, consisting of nearly all the temple workers, Church authorities, and friends and relatives. Mrs. Smith was presented with a beautiful rocking chair and a set of Church works. In a few fitting words of acceptance she thanked those who had so valiantly assisted her in keeping the temple so clean and helping her carry on the work so successfully. Mrs. Smith was originator of the idea of serving dinner for the Council of the Twelve every Thursday at their temple meeting. She also is one of the few surviving who worked in the old Endowment House.

In her honor Mrs. Lulu Greene Richards composed a suitable poem, in behalf of temple workers, which was read on the occasion referred to.

Mrs. Smith, who was well over seventy years of age, has felt for some time she would have to give up her arduous duties and a year ago asked for a release but was requested to continue. Recently, however, she renewed her request and it was granted by the Church authorities with a vote of thanks for her long and faithful services. Mrs. Smith succeeded “Aunt Bathsheba” Smith as president of the women of the temple and has served for many years in this capacity.