Uncle John’s Salve

I’m very interested in finding out the history behind, and maker of, “Uncle John’s Salve”. My hope is that someone in  the family will be familiar with “Uncle John’s Salve” and be willing to share how to make it with the rest of the family. It was amazing for healing skin infections, and drawing slivers out. My dad was a carpenter in this life, and  “Uncle John’s Salve” was a basic in our medicine cabinet! The only thing I’m sure of is that bee’s wax was one of the ingredients.

In a “Home Remedy” Relief Society activity an unrelated friend in my ward shared her healing experience with “Uncle John’s Salve” at the home of Mack & Lavina Kesler (Aunt Donnette’s son). Bee’s wax is the only ingredient I’m sure of.

2 thoughts on “Uncle John’s Salve

  1. I have the recipe. Mother and I made when I was young and still have a smidgen left. Mon was Asenath Smith Conklin

  2. I had been searching for this recipe for a very long time.
    When I finally found someone who had a copy of it, the name on the recipe
    was ” Conklin Salve”

    I wonder if the ingredients are the same in these recipes.
    How may I contact you to compare? ( If you are willing?)
    Alan Black, Terreton Idaho 208-881-6703


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